Winter Phase


Step 1: Perform Solo Scenario (if applicable).

Step 2: Experience Rolls
All landholders may roll for Stewardship, Folk Lore, and Just/Arbitrary.
Roll for Experience granted by Improvements
The knight may perform a Justice Event if he wishes (See: pg. 14).

Step 3: Roll for Aging.
If you have an Esquire, then see if he retires (See:“Esquire Retirement Roll,” BOM pg. 10).

Step 4: Check Economic Circumstances.
Using the Complete Landholding System, follow the steps listed on the Manorial System
Step 5: Make Stable Rolls.
Check survival of captive wild animals (See: “Wild Animal Enclosure,” BOM pg. 25).

Step 6: Make Family Rolls.

Step 7: Undergo Training and Experience.

Step 8: Compute Glory.
Remember that Glory from Land is limited to 100 Glory per annum.

Step 9: Add bonuses from Glory (if applicable).ยท


Winter Phase

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