Manorial System



1. Record the Normal Harvest Income.
2. Determine and Record the Investment Income.
3. Add Normal Harvest to Investment Income; Record this amount in the “Anticipated Income” column.


1. Roll ld6 on Manorial Luck Table.
2. Roll ld20,if necessary, on Calamity or Benefit Table
3. Ro1l 3d6+5 for Weather.
4. Add modifiers from Conflict (if any)
5. Add modifiers for Pestilence (if any)
6. Add modifiers for Wasteland (if any)
7. Add modifiers from Random Events (if any)
8. Record the total in the “Fate” column.
9. Attempt Concern (my commoners) Passion (minus commoner’s Hate Landlord). Record result in “Care” column.
10. Add Care and Fate, record the sum in the" Misfortune" Column.


1. Find your Steward’s (Wife’s, Esquire’s) Stewardship skill.


1.Make an opposed resolution of Stewardship against Misfortune.
2. Determine result on the Harvest Result Table.
Check for Column shift from Gentlewoman’s Bonus and/or Tribute.


1.Multiply “Anticipated Income” by “Harvest Result”.
2. Record the “Manor Income”.

Complete Projects

  • Check for a spontaneous rebuild of destroyed structures.
  • Check to see ifImprovements have been built.
  • Check to see if Fields have been cleared.
  • Check for Natural Population Growth, if eligible.

3. Determine and record known Expenses for next year, as well as unexpected Expenses from this year.
4. Update Treasury.


Manorial System

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