Glory System


Glory Levels

Glory Class
1 – 999 Non-Knight (squire, damsel)
1,000 – 1,999 Ordinary Knight
2,000 – 3,999 Notable Knight
4,000 – 7,999 Famous Knight
8,000 or more Extraordinary Knight

Glory Gains

1 Minimum
10 Ordinary
100 Heroic
1000 Extraordinary

Glory Bonuses

Religious +100 per year
Chivalrous +100 per year
Romantic +50 per year, every year, i.e +50, +100, +150, etc
Trait(16+) Glory = to trait per year
Passion(16+) Glory = to trait per year
Holdings Glory = to Libram income per year
Castles Glory = to DV Per year
Maintenance Glory = to Libram spent per year(only for rich or superlative knights)
Marriage Glory = to partners glory(max 1000) once
Knighted +1000 once

Religious Knights

Christian Chaste, Forgiving, Merciful, Modest, Temperate +6 Total Hit Points
Pagan Lustful, Energetic, Generous, Honest, Proud +2 Healing Rate
Wotanic Generous, Proud, Worldly, Indulgent, Reckless +1D6 Damage
Judaism Chaste, Energetic, just, Prudent, Temperate +3 Hit Points, +1 Healing Rate
Chivalrous Energetic, Generous, Just, Merciful, Modest, Valorous +3 Natural Armour
Romantic Lover required in monogamous relationship. Glory bonus, increasing each year.
5 skills from the following at 10+ (Lady decides which 5)
Compose, Dance, Falconry, Flirting, Gaming, Intrigue, Orate, Play (Harp), Read (Latin), Singing, Tourney
Also do the lady’s bidding once per year and spend £1 per year on presents and entertainment.


Glory System

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