RavenPolar's Great Pendragon Campaign

491 - Battle of Terrabil

As told by Sir Guy de Woodford

The year of our lord 491.

The year started as the last one ended, badly.. I was alone in my manor, my friends had their own manors to attend too but they stopped in from time to time.

We heard news that did not bode well, apparently Duke Gorlois had disobeyed King Uther`s request for him to winter with the King and made a swift retreat to Tintagel one night. Uther was obviously very angry, it is an honour to winter as the King`s guest, and Gorlois had spurned him. Apparently Uther flew in to a rage, and after spending a night in his own counsel, he called forth his army to march on Cornwall.

Leon, Dalan and I responded to the call immediately, but when nearing our destination King Uther split the army, half to Tintagel with himself, half to Terrabil with Prince Maddock. Having been on many outings and fighting along side the Prince for many years now, we followed Prince Maddock eagerly. It turned out to be a siege of a fort called Terrabil. We patrolled the area for a few days, stopping supplies, routing scouting and foraging companies sent out from the fort. We were sitting and enjoying some food on the third eve, discussing plans of the routes North and how best to combat the constant foraging parties when we heard the trumpet call for attack.

We were at war! We three calmly armoured ourselves and attempted to mount, but they were on us and spooked our horses.

At that moment something came over me, it was like somebody else had taken control of my body and I was sat back watching as all reason fled, I attacked with no thought of self preservation, first taking a mighty blow but near cutting in half my attacker.

Leon hit his attacker square in the jaw spinning the man from his feet, but this man was not to be finished so easily, he stood and proceeded to land a lucky blow knocking Leon to the floor, I charged to the aid of my friend knowing that if I were to fail in hitting the traitor with my next swing then Leon would be dead. thankfully I did not miss and clove the man in half from the waist. I dropped my sword at this point, kneeling to help Leon, I dared not look to see if he had passed, it was all that was keeping me sane… I heard a scream from behind and saw Dalan hit the ground, blood pumping from his leg… I again lost control of myself, I charged the foe that had cut down Dalan and cut his head from his shoulders in a single stroke. Both of my friends were down and I heard the call to rally to the flag… I dragged my friend’s bodies to safety and charged in to the fight, some veteran knight blocked my way so I skewered him on my sword and moved on…

Ahead I saw the cowardly Gorlois sitting atop his horse facing Prince Maddock who was unmounted, then it all seemed to go very slow, I saw the princes sword go flying through the air, then I saw Gorlois slice into the princes shoulder, a mortal wound, Gorlois was asking the prince where his father was, I must admit, seeing my Prince, my leader, dare I say it, my friend, slain by such a treacherous cur as this made my blood boil. I charged Gorlois, I chopped at his legs and cut through armour, flesh, bone and horse flesh such was my anger, the horse toppled and trapped Gorlois underneath… as I stepped over the horse to end Gorlois, I saw his bodyguard rush me, at that moment I believed my time to be up, I said goodbye to my son, I said my goodbyes to my friends, I made my apologies to the king for not arriving in time to save the Prince, I prayed to God and thanked him for this opportunity to see my wife and son again.. But it was not to be, I skewered Gorlois on the end of my sword and was pulled back with the line of retreat to protect the prince’s body. Then the cry of “the duke is dead” went up from the enemy and they retreated back to their camp, I made my way back to my friends, sad that I would not see my wife just yet, but happy that God still had a purpose for me in this life. After recovering for a day, we marched, with the prince’s body to Tintagel to see the King. The King was taking no visitors the first day as he was grieving, but I managed to see the King the second day and explained my part and apologised profusely for not being able to get there quicker. We waited in Teribel for a week whilst arrangements were made to move to Stonehenge to bury Prince Maddock, after the week we travelled and attended the funeral.

The King stayed at Earl Roderick’s manor as it is close by Stonehenge, while we returned to our manors to host guests of the funeral. I hosted a dour old man, somebody from Warwick, but all he wanted to talk about was fishing.. how boring!

Leon put on a feast, a huge grand thing that everyone was invited too, I found out why when I got to his manor. He had the Earl of Hampshire staying with him, and he had brought with him a pretty little thing, his niece apparently. Leon was trying to get me married off again.. bloody idiot. So I danced with the young girl, she turned out to be quite the dancer, and she was witty and not as dull as I thought she might be. I bade her goodnight as she left early but I think I upset her uncle as I got a little too drunk and called the Earl “His Dudeness” After the feast, I said goodbye to my friends and the Lady Merryl, and headed home. Where upon my arrival there was a herald, the King was to get married within the month, to the widow of Gorlois. She appeared to be very pretty when I laid eyes on her at Lincoln, and she seems to be astute. So good luck to the King. I will of course attend the wedding as only befits a Knight of my station. The wedding was nice, a huge feast was put on and much dancing and singing was to be had, the King also gave gifts, Dalan was asked if he would take on another squire, a young lad of a great family, god help him, I have seen what happens to Dalans squires.. Leon had a deep and interesting conversation with Merlin, who had a prediction that Leon would only die alone, which means he will outlast Dalan and I, as we will not let him be on his own, nor will his wife, but I think that’s more to keep his drinking under wraps! I, however, was given a special gift by the King, he announced my betrothal to Lady Merryl. Which came as somewhat of a surprise, but a pleasant one. We have not set a date yet, but it will be soon I hope. I did however meet a rather unpleasant Knight, I can’t remember his name for he was a tit. But he seemed to know and thoroughly dislike me, he made it quite clear that he was after Lady Merryl for her hand in marriage. He may have thought a little more about it though as he confronted me AFTER the king had announced our marriage. After a good party I went home, but was called to Sarem immediately. I arrived to find Leon and Dalan there also. We were told by Ser Roderick that we were to become Banneret Knights! Excellent..

We obviously held a party for our good news, and so ended a good year.

God bless the King, Gwiona, Bruce and Merryl.


RavenPolar RavenPolar

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