RavenPolar's Great Pendragon Campaign

490 - Felling a King

Here follows the accounts of Ser Guy De Woodford in the year of His Lord 490.

This started out a good year for my friends and I, we were called by Earl Roderick to Lincoln to join the Kings army and give battle to the Saxon hordes.

The battle raged on for near to 6 hours before Gulwar smashed through and felled the Saxon giant ……, the line collapsed, and is it did, Dalan, Leon and I saw the Saxon King, Octar, surrounded by his bodyguards. We didn’t even stop to think, we made haste to intercept the king before he fled. Upon approaching the Saxon Kings position his bodyguards closed with us and we clashed weapons, Dalan and I took a Heorthgenart each while Leon rode on to confront the king, Leon took a mighty blow from the King which unhorsed him, Dalan and I feared the worst. But Leon stood and remounted. When Dalan saw Leon hit with such a blow he became enraged and hit his foe so hard that he knocked him clean off his mount, the Saxon performing a full somersault before hitting the ground, Dalan rode over his foe and despatched him with a well placed blow.

I saw Leon mount as the King closed with Dalan, I distracted my opponent and Leon split the Saxon from shoulder to rump from behind, even cutting the saddle off the horse.

We three converged on the king then, although a mighty warrior he was, he was no match for us three friends, we are well trained together in how best to defend each other.

Not one of us passed through this fight without some sort of wound, but it was a hard won battle in the end. We were praised by King Uther and Earl Roderick on the field and were invited to feast at the King’s feast off it.

The Kings feast was a feast beyond any I have been too, I cant remember too much as we were trying to keep Dalan from embarrassing himself in front of the women, I was asked to dance by a fair lady who would not accept no as an answer.. I informed her that my wife was much smaller than her as a dancing partner and I think she may have taken it as an insult.. Leon talked to a Pagan Priest for most of the night, im not sure what about. These pagans are a strange bunch.

After the battle we headed into Saxon country to raid the villages, we did very well out of it, Dalan and I managed to sell the livestock and goods to make a pretty sum while Leon found some sort of Axe, apparently blessed by something.

We headed back home after a couple of weeks rest and recuperation in Lincoln. I was glad to see my wife again.

When I returned I sent my mother to one of the other manors which had had a bad year, I instructed my mother to bring the Manor out of its rut, as she is an able steward. Alas, disaster struck, whilst putting out the fires in one of the barns that had taken, she was lost.

I had her brought back to Woodford, oversaw her wake and then saw her buried next to my father.

Whilst taken aback by this upset, Gwiona sprung on me that she was with child again, another boy. I called a party for all; the house staff, sent mead to the farmers and loggers, and informed the Earl of my good fortune. Later on as the autumn months passed, Gwiona fell ill, I had the Priest pray for her and the Medic look over her, they assured me she would be fine. But it was not to be, in early winter I buried my wife and unborn son in the garden I rebuilt for her. My year which started out so well turned out to be terrible, I informed the Earl and her ladyship, as the Earls wife was a close friend of Gwionas. I called my in-laws for the funeral feast but had a modest affair, as she would have wanted. Leon took me out for a drink and got me blinding drunk I couldn’t stand for three days, apparently I tried to ride one of the hounds to an imaginative battle!

Whilst out on this binge of drinking, I think that is what Leon called it, I met a Knight called Ser Ungar. A mountain of a man, good to laugh with, easy to talk too. He has taken up residence in one of my manors, I forget which.

Dalan and his wife have commissioned a painting of Gwiona I can place in our room, which I have now moved out of.


And now we are in to the Spring of 491, I hope this will be a good year, heaven only knows I need one.


RavenPolar RavenPolar

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