RavenPolar's Great Pendragon Campaign

485 - New beginnings

New Beginnings

In the year of our Lord 485, four young squires undertake their last training under Sir Elad at Vagon.

Dalan, George, Guy and Leon must complete their training and show that they are worthy of becomming knights this year. The trials begin with two rounds of lance play versus targets and quintains. After a reasonable show, the squires are then told to race each other on horseback.
After a certain amount of trepidation from the squires they begin the race with George and Leon off to flying starts. Guy seems to have issues with his horse and its pacing. In the race George pulls ahead of the crowd and starts to celebrate early, whereupon he falls from his horse just before the finish line. As he struggles back on his horse Leon manages to pass him and win the race.

After the usual squirely ribbing of Guy and his horse walking backwards, Sir Elad informs the young men of their challenge. It seems that the village of Imber has recently had issue with a predator. Reports have been of a man eating bear but Sir Elad laughs it off saying that it is probably just a wild boar. A joust is called for to find the leader of the hunt and George emerges victorius.

Traveling that afternoon and enjoying the sights of Salisbury along the way, the squires meet with Old Garr at the village church. Old Gar gives them the tale of a couple of villagers who were attacked in the last fortnight and both of whom died from their wounds. George enquires after the location of the attacks and asks that they be taken their at this very moment. Despite Guy being to lazy and Leon wanting to rest, the party move into the forest with Old Garr leading the way. 2 Hours later they come across a large clearing with a large boulder in it and blood stained grass. Searching the area, the would be trackers find several trails including those of a bear.

Deciding to camp the night in the forest, Guy volunteers for dinner duty and first watch, an unlikely occurance. It all becomes clear however when he admits it is so that he can sleep fitfully through the night and not have to make breakfast.

Arising in the morning, the hunt is on. George leads the hunt and manages to follow the trail rather easily through the forest. Around midday the party happen upon a clearing with low bushes at one end. George signals for a halt as all seems to be not well. A very large boar then springs from the undergrowth charging through the clearing towards the knights. The would be knights spring into action and charge with lances. 2 great blows are stuck and the pig is finished off with sword strokes from the squires.

Having not found a bear Leon decides to investigate the bushes and catches a glimpse of shaggy fur through the bush. Ever reckless, Leon charges through the bush on foot, sword drawn and jumps upon the back of the creature. Whereupon he find that he has mounted the decaying carcass of a bear, covered in fleas, maggots and smelling quite awful. Leon dismounts the corpse, noting the huge gash in the bears side, probably made by a boar and walks back to his horse smelling like rotting bear meat and feeling a maggot or two inside his chainmail.

Once a support for the board carcass had been made the party of squires followed Old Garr back through the woods towards Imber and glory for a job well done. Upon exiting the forest they saw the unfortunate attack upon one of the Earls farmers who was being beaten by some bandits trying to steal his cattle. Feeling unsure of the situation Dalan waited for the others to make their move. Which they then did with a spur of the horses and lowered lances.

George made a rather big mess of the first bandit, showering a nearby cow in bandit gore and entrails. Much the same happended for Leon, while Guy made to approach the bandits on foot. Dalan eventually approached the bandits, shouting for the remaining two to drop arms and surrender, for which he had a spear thrown at him. After the spear missed by quite a distance, the two remaining saw sense in laying down arms and were arrested under the Earls jurisdiction and taken back to the village.

A quick celebratory feast and attempted flirtings by Guy, the squires set off next morning for Vagon with the bandits and boar carcass in tow. Sir Elad asked for all the details and had the party immedately make way for Newton, where Earl Roderick was currently holding court. Arriving that afternoon, Sir Elad presented them to Earl Roderick who was much impressed by their tales of adventure and justice.

Later during the feast, the squires were called forth and upon swearing alliegence to Earl Roderick and Sarum were knighted as Sir Dalan de Steple Langford, Sir George du Wylye, Sir Guy de Woodford and Sir Leon du Stapleford


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