RavenPolar's Great Pendragon Campaign

485 - Food and War

Feasting, battles and romance

The later part of the feast at Newton with Earl Roderick was a modest affair. Each of the knight spent time flirting with the ladies of court, and surprisingly all having their advances acknowledges rather than spurned.
Sir Leon managed to pass off Father Tewi’s spiritual guidance against overindulgence, trust the Father to remind a Pagan knight of Christian virtues. Meanwhile Sir Guyoverheard some knights malicious gossip regard his own person. Being the better knight and of noble birth he ignored such slanderous old wives tales and carried on with the feasting.

For the next 2 weeks the young sirs visited their respective manors to learn of stewardship, levies and lineage men. Just as well that they aquinted themseleves with the fighting men of their demense as they were soon called to battle by Earl Roderick who had himself recieved the call from King Uther Pendragon.
The march of the army took them to Meardred Creek whereupon the Earl placed the new knights under the care of one of his better battle knowledge knights, Sir Amig. The new knights also noticed that the size of Uther’s army was less than they would have expected.
The battle was a rather one sided affair where Utherand his men thrashed the upstart saxons. The fighting for the young knights under Sir Amig was less clean cut however, with much back and forth across the battlefield. In the fray, Sir Leon managed to loose his squire, Bruce, the brave young lad. Sir Guy lost his sword and had to retrieve a new set of arm from his squire.
After the fighting had finished, Sir Leon and Sir Guy had wounds tended, then together with Sir Dalan they went in search of Squire Bruce. Alas, his broken body was found upon the battlefield and a single tear was seen to fall from Sir Leon.

Arriving at home the knights set about preparing for harvest and winter on their manors. It being a fairly mild spring and a good summer allowed for an average harvest overall, allowing the good knights to rest well knowing that the next year would bring further adventure.

Also at this time Sir Dalan, Sir Leon and Sir Guy all decided to visit again with the objects of their flirtings at the feast in the summer.
Lady Adwen was approached by Sir Leon du Stapleford. After his declaration of Amor, he was seen to be upon the battlements, sighing and lost in the nights skies stars pondering when his affection would be returned.
Lady Gwiona, after her mutual affection for Sir Guy de Woodford was known, requested a recital of a traditional love poem in court. Sir Guywas less than spellbinding in his tale, but continues to pursue the good lady’s favor.
Lady Indeg the merry widow was courted by Sir Dalan de Steple Langfordand despite his attempts to woo her by a show of arms she remained chaste, playing the young knight along for a while longer.


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